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  1. I'm usually not a fan of female vocals in this genre, but this one definitely held it's own. Really enjoyed the range and panning ambience through each track. +1
  2. Pleasantly surprised, they blend genres really well +1 Will need to keep tabs on this group
  3. Yaaaaaas ! Was hoping this would pop up here thank you!
  4. Always enjoyable Always wanting more
  5. Pretty good stuff! Those harmonies scream TBDM Thanks for the share!
  6. This is pretty good stuff - thanks for the share! +1
  7. Some solid singles so far! Small critique that the instruments are a little too low in the mix though
  8. +1 Two decades later and these guys are still killin' it
  9. Well.. Look what we have here! Excellent tune for the night shift
  10. This is good! Reminds me a lot of Psyopus. +1
  11. Certainly different.. some of these tracks give me Protest vibes Definitely worth another spin
  12. +1 for bands releasing their studio albums as instrumentals I would think that most people turn away from this type of music due to the harshness of the vocals.. Releasing instrumental tracks helps to pull those people in while also allowing the band to showcase their musicianship.. genius!
  13. I hope each of those songs is just as good, if not better than their single, Silence the Echo. Ive got high hopes!
  14. Very soothing.. The vocals and guitar riffs really play off each other
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