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  1. Whoa, shouldn't have missed this. Shit. No wonder my boy @peripherybcommented.
  2. In Flames is quite great, I think I'm gonna give this album a spin. Sounds like a more metalcore Arch Enemy.
  3. Another great single, love the second half. Also love how only this is actually on the album, the other three songs are fucking great too but it's nice that we're getting like 10 more.
  4. You could put this over The Mint instrumental and it wouldn't change much
  5. lmao I didn't do shit I just said one word and you implied and assumed all kinds of bullshit and I don't support him and I didn't shed any inner or outer tears when he died, negro, stop, really. Misdirected rage at it's finest from you. Listen to the five feet goblin above my post, he knows what's up.
  6. Sounds like you're the sensitive one, I couldn't give less fucks about him or his music.
  7. It's like Death Grips meets Rabbit Junk or some shit, like it a lot.
  8. This album is a lot to take in on one listen, I really dig the eclectic sounds and unpredictability in most songs, especially the mathier/heavier parts, for a debut album this is really fucking strong, especially an indie one. Some parts do remind me of earlier DGD but I think if you doubled down on the weirder/mathier and more atmospheric/post-rock aspects, polished out the flow then the next album could be even grander. Songs like Here Comes The Fire are tops even at +7 mins long. Impressive actually.
  9. You haven't seen the floor tho.
  10. lmao but what if he gets depressed again so they un-disband before the disband lol think about it hahaha
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