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  1. Really good actually! Jesse is one hell of a musician, I don't like all of GA's work but when it's good its good. 'Elixir of life' is an all-time favorite for me across all genres.
  2. Actually not too bad.. My demons doesn't do the rest it the EP justice. Always thought John had some sick screams, and vocals in general.
  3. Got home from work, adding my small bit on the album. DTD remains one of the best at giving some fresh sounding tracks with good sound progression. However, it is definitely a step down from the previous work, and significantly softer at that. Disappointed only because I didn't expect this big of a change up, but overall it's... okay? I see some tracks growing on me over time... but for now nothing minus the censor stands out. It's still worth checking out though for anybody who's considering! PS, why do bands throw in harsh vocals / screams if they are going to suffocate, soften or tone down the volume on it during production?? It's a useless tease... either commit to them or don't. It hardly ever works out and usually leaves me with music's equivalent of getting blue balled...
  4. Awesome! Gonna jam this at work today, can't wait.
  5. Not as good as I'd hoped, but I'm still interested in how the EP will turn out. The only bit of Skillet I'll listen to is the early work on Collide, when John was using his nasty screams.
  6. Absolute monster of an album. Easy AOTY candidate for me.
  7. Pretty good track from an underrated band! One of the few up-and-coming rock bands that isn't the generic, watered down garbage that's been flooding the genre for the last 10-ish years.
  8. Drift on steroids with a few sprinkles of the Augment/Impulse?? Yeah, I'm fucking down for that. First 2 listens has me giving this a 9/10. Stellar artwork as well.
  9. Crossfaith has been my favorite metal band for years. Kinda sucks to say it, but this is their worst full album to date imo. Overall a bit disappointed, but I did over hype the new album a bit after those first 2 (amazing) singles. Some of the worst cleans from their discography are found in the middle of the album, and pretty much ruin what could have been decent tracks. I'm glad others dig it still, as I'd love for Crossfaith to make it big. A little bittersweet for me, but they've got some good tracks from recent EPs to jam to still. It's the typical crossfaith album, still has some good stuff on it no doubt... But those singles really gave me hope for an AOTY contender. Standouts: Nightmare, Catastrophe, Daybreak. Other good songs: Make a move, destroy, faint Decent/Alright: Edin in the rain Good songs, but not new by any means... why are even on this album??: Wipeout, Freedom N/A: Ex machina, twin shadows To be removed from my library: the rest of them Edit: after 3-4 more listens, I've warmed up a little bit more to it! But I still think it's far from a consistent, no-filler album like others here have said ;p
  10. On a side note for this great track, I highly recommend their live shows. They're some genuinely cool dudes with great stage presence.
  11. I'll actually disagree with your statement somewhat. Saying most of the songs on Vibrant had the same meaning is a very long reach. It talks about situations involving family, relations and moving forward with a better attitude, so in a sense those topics are definitely similar to each other. But aside from a few, most songs still has their own distinct story or meaning. Don't get me wrong.. the lyrics aren't a standout by any means, just relatively simple meanings layered in with great writing. Not every band needs to take lyricism akin to northern planet or erra. Complex lyrics are great, you can feel the amount of effort put fourth with them, and are easier to appreciate from a critical pov. But none-complex lyrics =/= bad or cheesy lyrics. And if you aren't taking your lyricism to a higher level than most, it's literally impossible to be original with your lyrics, because everything has been done before in one way or another. I never once thought of any of Vibrant's songs were being cheesy, but to each their own when it comes down to it all. (I also deleted about a third of the album from my library pretty early on, so maybe I'm forgetting some).
  12. Dreamshade is damn under rated. I Love what they bring to the table. I'd still kill for some more heavy work from them, but this shit is fresh as fuck.
  13. On the topic of the album though, I expected mostly cleans on this album but holy they really cut everything out didn't they? Not surprised with Matt's history, really unfortunate. I go into albums with an open mind. Example (hot take?) I genuinely thought albums like PWD's Reverence weren't as bad as most made it out to be. I usually find at least 3-5 songs on "experimental" albums which I like. I went in to this album with no standards, but genuinely curious as to what would come out. I though over it was ok, I LOVED piece of me, and letting go had some cool tempo and beats ruined by horrible vocal toning. Verdict: The singles were basically the most hype songs on the album (lets not count dont need you, it was a stand alone previously and isn't a reflection of their new direction). There wasn't one non-single I was interested in. These songs are BORING as fuck, with mostly overly-simple and toned down lyrics (but hey, lyrics were always a massive hit/miss for BFMV). Glad I didn't get my hopes up that high. the weirdest thing about this album is that I think a lot of the sound they were aiming for actually suited them well! They just completely missed the mark on execution and lyrics. I'm not even sure if uncleans would have saved this album (would have helped a ton, but again, Matt's had vocal problems over the years and I completely understand why they choose to go in this direction). Best of luck to bullet, hoping they put out another more energetic or heavy attempt at this style of writing, I really do think they could have made this album a decent one.
  14. You talk with some fuckin' weird people dude, from what I read / hear the consensus is 50% poison, 35 % scream aim fire, 10% venom and 5% for the album following Scream aim fire (tired af, forgot the name) for favorite Bullet albums.
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